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Australia's Best Quit Smoking Online Course. Stop Smoking Cigarettes For Good.

Quit smoking in as little as one day without cravings, weight gain, or feeling envious of other smokers.

(Even if you’ve ‘tried everything’ and nothing has worked for you before.)

The Revolutionary ‘Butt Out for LifeProgram:

✔️ Removes the psychological need to smoke – no willpower needed.

✔️ Without medications, substitutes, weight gain or withdrawal pains.

✔️ 100% Money Back Guarantee

Watch this short video to learn about the Butt Out for Life Program

If you could easily quit smoking, without craving cigarettes, or gaining weight, would you?

So you’ve decided to quit smoking? Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life! Does the thought of quitting make you feel anxious? Are you worried that life won’t ever be the same again? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we understand how you feel. The good news is that it CAN be easy and quick. Using a unique ‘Rapid Therapy’ technique called Butt Out for Life.

You probably get pleasure or relief from smoking and then feel bad afterwards. It is our job to help you to turn it all around so you feel bad and repulsed at the idea of smoking and to feel pleasure from being a non-smoker.

When you give up the cigarettes you’re going to experience a freedom you have not felt for a long long time. By helping you to truly understand your addiction, we’ll show you how to remove the fear and transform it so you can set yourself free.

quit smoking course australia

Once you have stopped smoking:

❌ No more excusing yourself from events & family times.

❌ No more being banished outside to smoke

❌ No more worrying about when or where you’re going to have your next cigarette.

You won’t need to do any of the things smokers are forced to do because…

You will be a non-smoker!

But Will it Work for Me?

I know the main reason you’re reading this page is because you really want to know if our unique revolutionary process ‘Butt Out for Life‘ can work for you. The great news is that we see it work every day. People walk into the clinic as smokers and walk out after their sessions as non smokers (not ex-smokers). We love that we can help people so quickly and effectively.

The process is so successful that we decided to make it available globally, as an online course. Which means that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, anywhere on the planet.

Bin your cigarettes once and for all with Michael Tcherne, founder & creator of ‘Butt Out for Life‘ who will help you break the cycle of addiction & will help you to quit easily, quickly and happily.

With a money back guarantee you have nothing to lose, just everything to gain!

The Program.

The ‘Butt Out for Life’ program is a life-changing, user-friendly, online course that includes:

  • quit smoking onlineVideos,
  • Worksheets,
  • Info Sheets,
  • Charts,
  • Hypnosis sessions
  • & phone support sessions. 

The Benefits of the ‘Butt Out for Life’ Online Program:

Do the program in the privacy & comfort of your own home.

You can repeat sections as many times as you want or need.

You can do it with your partner or a friend and share the cost.

stop smoking australia You can complete it in as little as one day or take your time and do it over a couple of weeks. *We recommend aiming for 5-7 days.

The threshold gauge and quest tests give you feedback on your progress, so you can easily see how much you’re moving forward.

It’s Completely Risk-Free as we have a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Free 5-10 minute phone consultations  with Michael Tcherne are included, to see how you’re doing, and to offer guidance if needed.

The course also includes sections relating to

  • How to quit without  gaining weight.
  • Healing your body, mind and past.

This process is so powerful, it’s not just about quitting cigarettes, it’s about self-improvement, getting more out of your life and can be adapted to improve other areas of your life too.

How Does it Work?

quit cigarettes online australiaWhen you register for the course, you will receive your unique login details to log in to the course dashboard.

Once you have logged in you will find a series of short modules arranged into five sections.

       ✅Overview & Preparation
       ✅Step One
       ✅Step Two
       ✅Step Three
       ✅Bonus Section

  • stop smoking hypnotherapy As you complete each module, it will show as completed in your dashboard.
  • You can go back and do any module as many times as you like.
  • Some people love the audio/hypnosis sessions and do them over and over.
  1. Overview & Preparation 
    This section gives you an overview of the course as well as advice on how to figure out the best time for you to quit (it’s different for everyone). It also includes the ‘Threshold Gauge’ which is our unique tool for you to use to track your progress.
  2. Step One (8 modules).
    This step is all about increasing your leverage, motivation & drive to become a non-smoker.
  3. Step 2 (13 modules)
    This section is all about interrupting negative thought patterns, introducing new ones as well as some stories and practical techniques you can easily use in your daily life.
  4. Step Three (12 modules)
    This part of the course will teach you to manage your emotional states going forward, so that it doesn’t matter if you have a good or bad day – you will always be able stay on track.
  5. BONUS
    The bonus section, is a series of followup ‘quests’ for you to reinforce & consolidate the changes you have made.


Course Details:

  • Price: $500 
  • Payment options:  Secure online payment via credit/debit cards
  • Inclusions:  phone support, Facebook Group, individual follow-up session (if needed) 
  • Guarantee: Full money back guarantee – see ‘Our Guarantee‘ for details.


What Clients are Saying About Butt Out for Life & Michael Tcherne​:

Anyone who has tried to stop smoking knows that each time it gets harder. After a few failed attempts I wasn’t too hopeful, especially since I’ve tried hypnotherapy before. Turns out I was wrong. Michael made it easy for me to stop permanently and thanks to him I’m a happy non-smoker now. Just give it a try, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain 😊

(Ten stars not 5) Michael was genuinely caring and helpful. When you are in seeking mind and you come across many practitioners, it can be challenging which one would work for you. He is very good at his job so I can’t recommend him enough……….I wish I had found him earlier. Thank you Michael!!

Met Michael to help with weight loss. He was extremely friendly and welcoming. He helped me work through so much in this short time. Very cost effective, I am the happiest I have been in a very long time. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to quit smoking or loss weight. Fantastic service. Friendly atmosphere.


Life Changing!!! Now I am so confident, with the motivation to carry through.


Wow! What an amazing process. I am so much happier…. I was surprised with just how easy it was to change my life.

Your Money-Back Guarantee

Our number one goal is for you to be a non-smoker. The reason we offer a money back guarantee is so that you can experience the ‘Butt Out for Life’ program without financial risk.

We know that the program works, so we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. However, if you get go through the complete program and you’re not delighted with the results, we will be more than happy to refund your fee.

If you genuinely want to quit smoking, ‘Butt Out for Life’ will not only enable you to do so but will also make it quite easy.

If you complete and follow the full program, make use of all the content & support offered, you will not only become a happy non-smoker but will find the withdrawal period painless and most important of all, you will not miss it.

Most clients only require the course, however in certain cases, some or all the follow-up material (supplied in the bonus section) as well as the follow-up phone consultations (free) may be needed to make the transformation complete.

Follow Butt out for Life to get more tips and ideas on how to become and stay a non-smoker.