Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I need to have ready, to do the course?

You can do the course on either a mobile device or desktop. Desktop devices are a better option where possible. You’ll need a pen, a willing mind & heart, & a sense of humour is always handy 😊.

There are some documents to print – you can look at them on your device, but for the best experience it’s best to print hard copies.

What are the payment options?

Our secure payment processor (Stripe) takes all popular credit/debit cards.

Do you use Hypnotherapy in the Butt Out for Life Program?

Yes, there is some hypnotherapy included in the program. However it is not required that you be hypnotised to become a non smoker.

Do you offer phone support after the workshop?

Yes, if you need help, or run into a stumbling block, call as soon as you can and we’ll help you through it.

Will I put on weight when I stop?

No, because you will not be substituting anything in the place of cigarettes. It’s an important part of what we will be doing.

Can I do a private one-on-one session instead?

Definitely YES. Visit Michael’s website for more information on how to do that in person, or remotely via zoom.

Do you do corporate work helping businesses & their employees?

Yes – please contact us for more information at

Can we do it as a couple?

Yes certainly. It’s actually better to do this as a couple if you both smoke, you can inspire each other. You only need one account to do it as a couple (so it’s cheaper to do it with your partner than if you do it separately).

How is this different from using patches or pills?

98% of being a non-smoker is in the mind, it’s psychological and that is what we’ll mainly be working on with you.

Can I still smoke other substances?

It is better not to.

Hypnotherapy hasn’t worked for me before, what is different about the Butt Out for Life Program?

Although we do use hypnotherapy as part of the process, it is not required for you to become a non-smoker. The program uses a variety of different processes, strategies, and methods. It is unlike any other quit smoking program.

Will I have cravings when I stop?

The physical withdrawals are minimal and easy to get through.

Can I book a private session instead of doing the online course?

Yes, some people prefer a private session, however the price is higher. Click here for more information.

Can you guarantee that I’ll become a non-smoker?

We guarantee, that if you work with the program, you will achieve your goal.

Why does it work so quickly and effectively?

We use the absolute best technology the very best understandings, and the very best psychology. 

How long have you been doing this?

Michael Tcherne, the founder & creator of the Butt Out for Life program, started helping people to become non-smokers back in the 1990s.

Will this affect any medications I’m taking?

No. It’s natural to be a non-smoker.

I’ve tried lots of times before, many different ways, can this work for me?

Absolutely. We will do everything needed to help you become a successful non-smoker. We Guarantee it!

What if my partner still smokes?

That’s fine, it really is an individual journey and perhaps you may even inspire your partner to become a non-smoker once they see how easy it is.

What’s different about this approach?

Michael has trained with the very best people on the planet, and brought many different teachings together, as well as his own unique insights, into one all-encompassing process.